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Frequently Asked Questions

About Radiology

Why do you need my insurance card if I have had services performed in the past?
We need to verify the information we have on file to be sure it is current and correct for scheduling and billing purposes.
Do I need to bring an order from my doctor?
Yes. There is pertinent information needed for our schedulers to process your physician's request. A diagnosis/symptom is necessary before we can perform the examination as the radiologist will tailor your exam based on the diagnosis and/or symptoms. If preparation is necessary for your exam we have included this information on the referral form.
Are any preparations needed for my exam?
Some examinations require special preparations such as not eating for a few hours prior the test. If there are special preparations for your particular examination, you will be notified in advance.
Why do you need to know if I have had a previous mammogram? Where?
Before the radiologist interprets your mammogram, he/she compares your previous and current images to evaluate for any changes in your breast tissue. By providing the information as to where you had your previous mammogram, we are able to request that your films be delivered to our office prior to your examination.
Will my mammogram cause me any pain?
Occasionally there may be some soreness as a result of the compression. The best time to schedule an appointment is one week following your menstrual cycle. If this exam causes some discomfort you can take a buffered aspirin or Tylenol if you are not allergic to either of these medications. We need to use this compression in order to obtain a clearer picture of your breast while using less radiation. The compression is not dangerous, and it does not in any way damage the breast tissue or cause any long-term discomfort.
What will take place during my MRI procedure?

The technologist will position you on a sliding table making sure you are comfortable for your MRI exam. While your exam is being performed the technologist is able to communicate with you using an intercom. Some patients find it difficult to remain still during certain parts of the examination. If you tend to be claustrophobic or feel confined, your referring physician can prescribe you a mild sedative to help you through the examination, however, you will need to have a driver for your transportation.

Depending on the part of the body being examined, a contrast agent may be used to enhance the visibility of certain tissues or blood vessels. During the exam you will experience a tapping or knocking noise, to help disseminate the distraction we recommend earplugs.

Is there any radiation involved with Ultrasound?
No radiation is involved in ultrasound imaging. Ultrasound is a method of viewing the inside of the body through the use of high-frequency sound waves. It is a useful way of examining many of the body's internal organs, including the gallbladder, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, liver, bladder and thyroid.
Are you able to perform cardiac scoring tests?
Yes. With the multislice Toshiba CT Scanner, we are able to perform this exam. This is the best noninvasive test for quantifying coronary artery calcium content. During your exam, you will lie down on the CT table as it slowly moves into the donut-shaped scanner. The scanner takes an image of your beating heart while you hold your breath for approximately 20 seconds. The procedure is fast and painless. The examination requires no injections or preparation. The information acquired during your CT exam is then processed with a cardiac scoring software that evaluates and quantifies the amount of calcium in your coronary arteries. The results will be sent to your doctor for further consultation.
Do you accept Medicare assignment?
Yes. We accept Medicare assignment. Additionally, we participate with many insurance plans. Please see our insurance page to verify if we participate in your plan. If we do not participate in your plan, we are happy to bill the insurance carrier as a courtesy. Please feel free to contact our billing office with any questions at 518-793-6571 or 1-866-970-6337.
After my test is completed, who reads my exam?
Each procedure is read and interpreted by a board-certified Radiologist; a physician who specializes in medical imaging. Each Radiologist at Adirondack Radiology Associates is Board Certified by the American College of Radiology and many have advanced specialty training. The Radiologist dictates a report of the findings of the exam and a written copy is sent to your referring physician.
Who do I call if I have billing questions?
Please call our billing department at 518-793-6571 during the hours of 8:00am-4:30pm for any of your billing questions.