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Open MRI

Oasis High-Field Open MRI

Our Oasis High-Field Open MRI delivers outstanding comfort and convenience without compromising diagnostic performance. Outstanding comfort in the openness of a 270 degree unobstructed view, ultra-wide patient table, added accessibility, and uncompromised diagnostic performance is what makes our truly OPEN HIGH-FIELD MRI technology the ideal imaging solution for you. The openness of the system coupled with leading technology accommodates a wide spectrum of patient sizes, shapes and types.

How Is Open MRI Different?

Our Oasis 1.2T High-Field Open MRI system features high quality imaging across a full spectrum of clinical applications for the broadest array of patients. High diagnostic confidence, even the most challenging patients, is what your physicians can depend on with the Oasis.
  • Easy Access to the Patient and Unobstructed View
  • Extra Wide, Laterally Adjustable Table
  • Unlimited Lateral Opening for Easy Patient Access
  • Latest High-Field Open MRI Technology
  • High Performance Clinical Imaging Without Radiation